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The History Of PackageHub!

Who Is PackageHub?

From the waves of ecommerce, PackageHub Business Centers® was born. Read our amazing story!


PackageHub® is the fastest-growing and second-largest logistics franchise in the industry. Known for its innovative non-traditional franchise model, PackageHub empowers local entrepreneurs by combining their independence with the collective strength of a national brand. With a commitment to community and customer experience, PackageHub continues to transform logistics with advanced, accessible solutions.



PackageHub is revolutionary in its approach, offering a non-traditional franchise model that maintains the independence of local entrepreneurs while providing them the collective strength of a national brand. This model has proven essential for small business owners looking to grow and thrive in a competitive market, allowing them to leverage national partnerships with logistics giants such as FedEx, UPS, and Pitney Bowes.



At the heart of PackageHub’s operation is a strong commitment to the local community and the end consumer. Each PackageHub store is tailored to offer a personal touch, maintaining strong community ties, and ensuring that every customer experience is seamless. Its innovative solutions, such as the no-box, no-label PackageHub Returns process, pioneered in partnership with Pitney Bowes, ensure convenience and efficiency, enhancing the consumer’s retail experience.

Leading The Way (VIDEO)

The Evolution of PackageHub

Discover the story behind the beginnings of PackageHub Business Centers in our latest documentary video short. Hear from our visionary founder and president, our dedicated CFO and co-founder, and our very first franchisee, now serving as VP of Operations. This video highlights our humble beginnings, our commitment to excellence, and the growth that has led us to over 1,000 store locations today. Join us in celebrating our journey and the incredible community that has made PackageHub what it is today.